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Mountain Peaks

Hi, nice to meet you! You can call me Srini. This blog is a little window into my adventures and discoveries. I hope you enjoy reading about it just as much as I love writing it. So what's this blog about? Why


As a child I always loved kaleidoscopes because they would show me the same view I'd see with my own eyes but from a new angle with a million previously hidden colours and secrets. This new view made me feel like I was looking into a whole new world or maybe seeing my own one clearly for the first time. 


As life rushes on in endless torrents of  transient moments, it becomes more and more difficult to gaze at our surroundings in this way. That's why I've chosen to write this blog and dedicate it to kaleidoscopic sight.

I hope to capture the same childish wonder that a kaleidoscope inspires in me through my documentation of various experiences. Perhaps all we need to return to a diamond patterned world is just a few mirrors of imagination and maybe a couple beads of curiosity...

So join me in turning the lens on my world and exploring the new dimension it reveals. As a student, I would appreciate feedback, comments or subscriptions to this new take on life. See you later, through the kaleidoscope!

Why Kaleidoscope?

kaleidoscopePainter (1)_edited.png
kaleidoscopePainter (1)_edited.png